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Do I contact an Architect or a Contractor first?

An architect should be your first step. Architects understand, work with, and design to the codes specific to your project area. This can be a distinct advantage during the design phase, as well as invite creative solutions to meet your goals.

Richlind Architects works to provide you with a functional design you and your community will be proud of. We are not limited by conventional construction means a contractor may be accustomed to providing, therefore your design options are limitless.

Our office can happily work with invited contractors during the design process as well as during construction as a coordinated team effort with your results in mind.

How much will architectural drawings cost for permit?

Richlind Architects will put together a proposal for architectural services based on numerous variables tailored to your specific project. Answers to these sample questions will help determine the amount of time necessary for your project.

    What is to be designed and built? How big, small or detailed does it need to be?

    What are your priorities to be achieved?

    What is the target date of completion?

    Would you like color renderings or display models of your project?

    How many initial design concepts would you like to see for your project? We generally do two.

    Are there unforeseen site complications or zoning issues that may effect your design?

    Does your city or village require “design review” type meetings during the process?

    What is the level of quality finishes you desire in the completed project?

    Do you require help selecting a contractor or reviewing their bids?

    Do you wish to have an architect as your liaison to observe the construction process?

Answers to these and other questions can be addressed at an initial meeting, we offer free of charge.

Do you recommend contractors?

Richlind Architects can help recommend contractors invited to bid on your project.

For further information, call us directly at 630.705.0035 or email Richlind Architects.

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